University Students Should Wear Uniforms

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  • Published : November 19, 2012
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Recently, we know that the global warming had become big crises that occur not only in our country but it also occurs at other country for example Australia, Japan, and England. Physically, if we look what happened around us, due to the development of buildings, forest deforestation and open burning. This shows that we are not very concern about how important taking care of our earth as we want the best to protect it from any pollution especially global warming. Besides, if there is a lot of process of development that occurs, maybe it will destroy our ecosystem. Besides that, as we know, global warming can be defined as the earth’s average temperature increases. The average temperature in our earth is increasing due to human activities that occurs a long time ago until now it gives negative effects to our environment for example droughts, melting of polar ice and glaciers causing a rise in sea level, change in wind directions and weather patterns. We can handle it by contributing an awareness campaign, which if global warming do not occur, maybe a lot of people know how to take care of our earth , but in reality they are still do not realize what they are doing whether it is good or bad. Among the awareness campaign which can handle the global warming from human and globalization are the celebration of Earth’s Day that was held in year of 2011 every 22 April. This celebration was held to aware everyone how important protects or conserves our earth. A lot of people do not realize the existence of this earth’s day, but some of them who are really love nature or the association of a love nature will involved themselves in giving awareness to the others so that they will not too greedy to destroy our earth. A part of that, the Kyoto Protocol is an international treaty signed by countries was held 11 December 1997 as they are committed to the reduction of release in greenhouse effect such as carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous dioxide...
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