Universe and Child

Topics: Universe, Knowledge, Nature Pages: 3 (859 words) Published: October 30, 2012
i am doing my assignment about culture. the question is "discuss how montessori cultural subjects extend the child's knowledge and understanding of the world. " i just finished my essay.. please tell me whether it make sense... i will love to have anyone of u to help editing it... as my english essay writing skill is terrible.. here is my essay :

Maria Montessori called her plan for the young child the “Cosmic Curriculum”. Cosmic in this context means comprehensive, holistic and purposeful. Cultural Activities in a Montessori environment are used to broaden the child's experiences and draw their attention to various aspects of our social and physical world, as well as providing them with some experiences related to the laws of nature. The child will develop his personality and will be taught to love and appreciate his culture in order to become a useful member of his society. We want to satisfy the child’s absorbent mind to learn and understand the natural and man-made world with clear and accurate reality, facts and information. Many of the Cultural Activities are sensorial in nature to maximize the absorption and retention by the child, who is mainly a sensorial learner at this age. A sensorial impression in the child’s mind ensures that, when he has to deal in abstractions, he is able to draw upon those impressions. They will first learn the essential forms and then after working with concrete materials again and again. Then the child will find out new and deeper type of knowledge and universal ideas which will eventually become the key to the universe. For example: a child learns about shapes in geometric cabinet and will later discover that his environment was filled with circles, squares and triangles. The teacher can do the following activities from different areas to extend the child’s knowledge and understanding of the world: History

The teacher will spend a few minutes to talk about the calendar everyday. The teacher will ask the children what the...
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