United States Marine Corps

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"Sustaining The Transformation"

The United States Marines are America’s elite fighting force. They exemplify great moral standards and are looked upon as not only great warriors but also as role model citizens of the United States. They make the transformation into a Marine during a grueling 13 week boot camp. In boot camp they learn everything they need to be a good Marine. Being a Marine isn’t all just about earning your title, you need to take what you learned and better yourself. Sustaining the transformation is based on a foundation and the four pillars that the transformation rests on.

The First Pillar is education. Knowledge is power, and through this knowledge we can build a stronger Marine Corps. Marines need to be educated on the process of their transformation, if the Marines understand this process then they will understand what good comes from the steps of transformation.

The Second Pillar is NCO development. The NCOs are what mold the future of the Marine Corps. The values and warrior ethos that are distilled in the future leaders are picked up from a young Marine’s NCOs. That is why we select the best to be NCOs, so that they continue to train young Marines for a better Marine Corps.

The Third Pillar is ownership and acceptance. Every Marine should accept that it is their personal responsibility to ensure that they maintain not only their own sustainment but also the sustainment of their subordinates.

The Fourth Pillar is establishment and maintenance of standards. Marines hold themselves to a higher standard than other branches of the military. They set the bar high and this makes a better for a better Marine Corps. These standards are first set in boot camp and are instilled in every Marine.

A Marine’s every action is a reflection of themselves and the Marine Corps, which is why the sustainment of transformation is so important. These Pillars are crucial to the transformation of every Marine. We need...
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