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Business 1: Cracker JackBusiness 2: Harris Academy at ` ` PeckhamHow does the type of organisational structure help achieve businessâs aims & objectives? The organisational structure of Cracker Jack is based on a flat structure.This can be located in Peckham next to Greggs. Even though the organisational Structure is small Cracker Jack can makea profit depending on their rent/mortgagesand also their expenses. Cracker Jack has an aim of making enough customers tocome in and out while making profits atthe same time. Nevertheless customers arevery happy when entering the store due to the fact that they supply more than one service such as photo shooting. Customers are normally greeted since this is a way of increasing customerâs satisfaction towards the business. Although there hasnât been any arguments or fights it is respected as a Peckham local shop from daily customersto unknown customers. Cracker Jack organisational structure is based on a one Level flat structure and is sometime busy.The Harris Academy at Peckham organisat-ional structure helps them to be able to achieve their aims and objectives with the experiences and the professionalism. The organisational structure that is based on theschool is known as a matrix structure, eventhough it is a little bit complicated. Since the organisational structure at the Harris Academy at Peckham is a matrix structure,many staffs and members are linked wherethey are connected. The management that is currently taking process supports the organisational structure since members and staffs are able to share information withouthesitations giving each members/staffs the confidence while achieving the business aimand objectives. The organisational structuremakes the business more effective throughthe use of resources such as human resourcesStaffs and members have different task to follow since different task are given in orderfor the business to progress. What business environment does it operate within? How does it help...
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