Unit I Dbq

Topics: Law, Code of Hammurabi, Hammurabi Pages: 2 (421 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Kimberly Blair
Class 202
A.P. World History

In the Middle East, power and the usage of ruling an empire was a major political stand point that was utilized throughout the early civilizations. Legitimacy was established by methods such as a codified law system, religion and even by the use of extreme violence. These were just some of the many methods rulers often used to develop an empire. A codified law system, religious empowerment, or displaying power by the use of violence and mass-destruction, are one of methods, in which rulers used to develop an empire. Hammurabi's code of law in document one of the many methods by which rulers established their power. Like many rulers, Hammaurabi created a code of law, that the people in his empire had to adhere to. Creating a code of law was not meant to be cruel but to inform people living within the empire that their were rules and regulations that they had to follow. “If any one steal the property of a temple or of the court, he shall be put to death,and also the one who receives the stolen thing from him shall be put to death.” Law number six makes it evident that religion played a part in society and people had to respect that as well. Religion seemed to play a major role in society. Many rules and regulations had relation to a religion or belief. In Document three, Tiglathpileser the king of the Assryian Empire put a huge emphasis on religion. “Ashur and the great gods who have enlarged my kingdom, who have given me strength and power as my portion, commanded me to extend the territory of their (the gods' country)...” Many rulers did not fully practice their religion or belief but they used it as a way to show they have the right to rule. This is similar to the Mandate of Heaven in China. Document one is also an example of how rulers used religion to establish legitimate power over the empires they ruled. Crimes pertaining to religion had the greatest penalties. “Hammurabi, the exalted...
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