Unit 4 Promoting Health Education P1

Topics: Puberty, Retirement, Emotion Pages: 8 (2692 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Throughout this coursework I will be writing about different life-stages of my chosen celebrity. My chosen celebrity is Michael Jackson. I will start with physical development and go through intellectual, emotional and social developments.

Physical development
At around THE AGE OF 3 months time baby Michael will be able to sit supported by their carers. This develops up to the age of 6 months the where the infant will be able to sit unsupported for a few minutes, turn their head and roll over. At about 9 months the infant will be able to sit for about 10 minutes, and roll and crawl around. At the age of 1, Michael will be to sit unsupported and go to a sitting position by himself. He will also be able to crawl fast and stand by holding onto something. At about 15 months the infant will be able to walk around briefly and crawl stairs or crawl onto different objects. At about 2 years he will be able to walk and walk UP AND down from THE stairs AND RUN on their own because their leg muscles will have grown a little bit. He will be able to walk fully unsupported. At the age of 3 he will be able to run around, throw and catch objects because he will have developed their reactions.

At DURING childhood, Michael will not have fully grown their body, they will still have small parts of their body to fully grow. At this stage Michael will be able to ride bicycles and run and skip. His muscles will also develop; therefore they will be able to hit with bats and catch easier. In addition, at this stage the children may slightly start their puberty and show some signs.

At this stage, Michael will start to go through puberty. There will be massive changes on their bodies. For girls, they will start develop their breasts and grow pubic hair under armpits and around private parts. The girls hips will also start to widen. At later stage girls will have their periods, which meanS that they can start to have babies. For boys, they will grow more muscles and grow pubic hair around their armpits and around their penis. The boys testicles and penis will also grow larger, and boy will start to produce sperm. Boys can realize this by having wet dreams. One of the biggest developments in boys is that their voice will break, BY Their voice will start becomING deeper and their voice box grows.

At this stage Michael will be fully mature and grown. Usually adults gain weight at this stage normally because of their inactivity in sports. Men will ALSO be able to produce sperm until they are ABOUT 80 years old, however this varies on different people. For women they will stop having period at around the age of 45-55 AND THEY WILL START MENOPAUSE, which means they can’t have babies anymore. Some women will start TO feel some sense of loss when this occurs.

Later adulthood
At this stage Michaels body will start to become weaker. Some major changes will occur to peoples bodies. One of the most obvious changes is wrinkles. Michael will start have lots of wrinkles around their face and body. Another change is Michael’s hair. Some PEOPLE will start to get white or grey hair, but more often people lose their hair and start to become bald. Bones will start to become much weaker and easier to break if there is an accident especially women’s. Most people will start find it hard to breath because their hearts and lungs becomes weaker and less efficient. Another major change is that people’s sight starts to weaken. They will find it hard to see stuff from close range and far range. In addition, they will find it hard to hear stuff as their hearing will become weaker too. Another physical change in later adult hood is that joints become stiffer, old people will find it hard to move around due to this. As sense of balance reduces more old people uses a stick to help them balance and walk.

Intellectual development

Language development
At around 3 months old Michael will be able to...
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