Unit 3: Introduction to Marketing P3

Topics: Research, Scientific method, Marketing Pages: 3 (611 words) Published: June 2, 2011
Unit 3: Introduction to Marketing
Describe how your selected organisation or any other organisation uses market research to contribute to its development plans.

My selected organisation is McDonalds; I am going to talk about the organisation uses types of market research they do to contribute to its development plans.

* Primary research
* Secondary
* Qualitative research
* Quantitative research

The reasons that the organisation needs to do market research because

Primary Research

What is Primary Research?

Primary Research is first hand information. The information is gathered directly from people in forms of surveys, questionnaires or even by observation. Primary Data or research takes a lot of time to gain and then the business has interoperate into figures or graphs so overall takes time. Primary Research takes a lot of money too but new information is then created for your organisation which will help McDonalds improve their developments. I’m now going to write about the types of primary research methods available and how they contribute in the development plans.

* Observation

This is a type of research where the data is gathered by the observer without any questions asked to anyone and the observer is just watching and noting down what the he or she sees. This type of primary research method helps the organisation know what the customer is really after or what the customer isn’t really interested in. So in McDonald’s case this research method may help in gathering information on what is the customers favourite flavour milkshake or burger and what isn’t the food that customers don’t prefer buying.

* Surveys

This type of primary research method is most popular out the primary research methods because then the business can ask the questions in the areas they think the developments needs doing. They are types of surveys such as telephone, postal, email and face to face surveys are just some of the...
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