Unit 19

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Pre-Unit Assignment Task:

Task| Description| Person responsible for the task| Date to be completed by:| Date completed| Choose team leader| This is a very important role so choose the most suitable person for the role| NadimAbidMuhammed| 14/09/12| 08/09/12| Break down the task| Identify the sub-tasks that need to be completed| Nadim| 14/09/12| 09/09/12| Research benefits/theories of teamwork | Benefits of Teamwork| Nadim| 14/09/12| 09/09/12| | Research the theories of Belbin. Who is Belbin and what was his theory? | NadimAbid| 14/09/12| 09/09/12| | What Characteristics are required of a high performance teams. | Nadim| 14/09/12| 10/09/12| Research theories of team leadership (John Adair)| Research the theories of John Adair. Who is John Adair and what was his theory about teamwork?| NadimMuhammed| 14/09/12| 10/09/12| | What are the qualities of an effective team leader?| Nadim| 14/09/12| 10/09/12| Prepare structure of presentation| Decide on how the presentation is to be conducted| NadimAbidMuhammed| 21/09/12| 10/09/12| Prepare presentation| Prepare the resources, plan how the parts of the presentation will fit together| Nadim| 21/09/12| 12/09/12| Evaluation of teamwork| Complete questionnaire on how well the team worked together| NadimAbidMuhammed| 28/09/12| 12/09/12| Evaluation of leadership| Complete questionnaire on the leader| AbidMuhammed| 28/09/12| 12/09/12|

Assignment 1: The importance of teams
Task 1 (P1): Describe different types of teams and the benefits of teams for an organization: Introduction:
A team is recognized as a collection of people who are assigned to a job role, based on their capability, to carry out their job duty as effectively and efficiently to their ability. These people share the same vision and effectively have the same goal. In order to work as a team, the members within the group must be committed to working together in order to achieve success. Working in a team brings in various benefits such as tackling difficult problems which could prove difficult to solve by an individual. From the research that has been conducted, the following section presents an overview of the different types of teams and the benefits of working in a team. The following section will highlight crucial information which corresponds towards the importance of a team. This includes: * The different types of teams

* The benefits of working in a team
* Personal experience
The different types of teams:
There are two types of team which can be formed depending on the situation and the goals which are to be achieved. This consists of either being a formal or an informal team. The following section highlights the difference between both the teams. Formal Team:

A formal team is created in order to fulfill a particular purpose. These teams have been set up to achieve a specific objective. For example in a bike event, a speacilised team of mechanics has been formed to carry out a specific objective and that includes maintaining the bikes before, during and after the event. In order to carry out and perform the job duties effectively, certain guidelines or rules are introduced to help guide the team. This consists of information such as team reunion and a form of leadership structure. As mentioned beforehand, in many organisiations, formal teams are considered as being structured to perform a set task or a group of tasks. An example, in terms of businesses, will include the “Quality Circle”. This is where a group of employees meet at a regular interval to discuss the various ways on being able to improve their workplace and the way in which the work is carried out. The following Circle is led by a team leader who is able to communicate well with others as well as being able to justify opinions and suggestions correctly. Members of the group are encourages to take part by suggesting ideas. This helps gather various ideas which...
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