Unit 1 Dbq Essay

Topics: Chesapeake Bay, New England, Virginia Pages: 2 (761 words) Published: December 6, 2010
AP U.S. History
Unit I DBQ Essay
They sailed over from England, all seeking glorified opportunities. These English colonists sought out an opportunity when boarding ships and leaving the Old World to travel to the exciting unknown; but each person had their own unique desire. These unique desires led to the many diverse societies that spread all throughout the eastern sea board of the New World by the 1700’s. Religious tolerance, organization in government, and economic stability were all contributing factors to the differences New England and Chesapeake Bay regions had. In Documents B and C, there are two lists of emigrants. Document B’s list is of emigrants traveling to New England and Document C’s list is of emigrants traveling to Virginia. These lists give names, ages, gender, some of their occupations, and the dates the emigrants arrived to their destination. These lists indicate that two distinct societies formed through the differences these people had when embarking to the New World. The list withheld in Document B shows that equally men and women traveled to the New England area than in Document C’s list; also more families, and one minister. In Document C there was a plethora of men compared to women. These people who traveled to Virginia all agreed to live by the Church of England and took oaths to keep its supremacy, this shows that based on the people traveling to Virginia were more religious than the colonists traveling to New England, they respected the Church of England and planned to turn Virginia into a small colony to practice religion, as if they were in England. The differences in the New England area versus the Chesapeake area was religious tolerance and the lists in these documents show how fundamental Virginia colonists were compared to New England colonists. Documents G and H both talk about reasons for diversity in the Chesapeake Bay area. Document G was by Governor Berkeley who fought to defend Virginia against Dutch attacks....
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