Unit 006 “Roles Responsibilities and Relationships in Lifelong Learning

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  • Published : March 21, 2013
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George Bowskill PAGE 1 15/02/2011
“Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships as a Tutor in Lifelong Learning” (2:1) The Different types of Boundaries between the Teaching Role and Other Professional roles. The purpose of boundaries are to protect the personal rights of both yourself and the student, they define the acceptable ground rules taking in to account currant legislation. Professional boundaries are important because they define the limits and responsibilities of the people that you interact with in the workplace. When workplace boundaries are clearly defined, the company will work more efficiently because old redundant work assignments are removed and task performance is accountable. When everyone in an company is made aware who is responsible for what?, a healthier workplace environment is created. It then becomes very difficult for someone to blame others for their failed or inadequate performance and good job performance can clearly be identified. the setup of boundaries and priorities go hand in hand because together they help manage interpersonal relationships in the workplace. Together they go a long way toward establishing a productive work environment based on trust. Competent and knowledgeable managers understand these principles and continually model them for their staff. Boundaries within teaching are not easily defined; it can mean different things to different people. Teachers are responsible for recognizing in themselves whether they are "at risk" of crossing boundaries whether this be legal, moral or ethical boundaries, becoming too personally involved with students, giving one student undue attention, writing or exchanging notes, letters or emails are all forms of boundary abuse The most extreme form of boundary violation is that of sexual abuse.. Sexual abuse represents the ultimate breach of the trust in a...
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