Union Bank of India Swot Analysis

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Kano Model


Kano Model of customer satisfaction is a very useful tool to help you understand and classify user requirements for designing your service The basic philosophy behind the Kano model is that the perceived quality of a product or a service is made up of a lot of factors (or requirements). And not all requirements are the same. Some are more important, some that are indifferent after a point etc. Kano model helps you analyze the requirements to help you maximize the customer experience and perceived quality thereby increasing customer satisfaction http://www.6sigmagroup.com

Noritaki Kano is the originator behind the Kano model concept. He recognized that the degree of customer satisfaction varies depending on the fulfillment or non-fulfillment of certain customer requirements. To plan for maximum customer satisfaction, you should be able to assess the customer requirements and also assess the impact of the requirements on customer satisfaction. Kano model helps you do that http://www.6sigmagroup.com

What does all this mean?


Kano Model - How does it work?

To use the model, you take the customer requirements and classify them into one of the following three categories. 1. Basic requirements 2. Performance requirements 3. Excitement requirements


1. Basic requirements These are basic service requirements that the company must offer to be competitive. These are characteristics customers assume as part of the product of service. Customers rarely ask about them as they are standard features. For example, when you buy a car, you assume it meets all safety requirements necessary to operate the car safely. You expect also that the engine will always start without a problem. Customers expect these basic requirements to be definitely met. Though the fulfillment of basic requirements alone can’t lead to a high degree of customer satisfaction. http://www.6sigmagroup.com

2. Performance requirements Specific features customers desire in a product or service are called performance requirements. They are items a company is willing to provide to satisfy a customer. Generally speaking, customers are willing to pay more for more of the performance requirements. For instance, when someone looks for a new car, he may specify the power of the engine, the maximum fuel consumption etc. And customers will be willing to pay more for higher fuel economy or higher engine power


3. Excitement requirements Unexpected and delighting features of a product or service are called excitement requirements. These features make the product unique and distinguish it from the competition. These features may or may not be expensive, but are really insightful and creative. Fulfilling some excitement requirements give customers delight. Though not giving them is not really a dissatisfier. An example of this is a beeper in the car that warns the diver if the ignition keys are still in when he/ she opens the driver side door. Or rear view mirrors that can be controlled without opening the windows. http://www.6sigmagroup.com

Graphical Representation of Kano Model
Customer Satisfaction

Excitement Requirements • Not Expressed • Give delight • Not being there is not dissatisfaction • Slight presence is also huge satisfaction Degree of Un-Fulfillment of Requirement

Performance Requirements • Specified • Measurable • Generally more is better, but • Is affected by cost model

Degree of Fulfillment of Requirement

Basic Requirements • Must be satisfied • Assumed as obvious • Not meeting is dissatisfaction • Meeting it more does not result in extra satisfaction

Customer Dissatisfaction

Summary Table

Requirement Type Is it expected Is it communicated by Customer Customer Effect if fulfilled Customer Effect if unfulfilled

Basic Yes No None Very Negative

Performance Yes...
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