Unilever in Brazil

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Consumer behaviour is the process individuals or groups go through to select, purchase, use and dispose of goods, services, ideas or experiences to satisfy their needs and desires. Unilever had decided to launch detergents in Brazil basically targeting the low-income consumers living in the NorthEast of Brazil. So the Head of Unilever’s Home Care, Robert Davidson appointed Laercio Cardoso for this project as he was from the same country which would be an advantage with respect to knowing the market and doing a successful market research. The project was named “Everyman”. The first phase of the project was a thorough market research to understand the lifestyle, aspirations, shopping and laundry habits of the low-income consumers. Consumer Information

Brazil is by far the largest country in Latin America. Its 170 million people live predominantly in two clusters, one in the Southeast and the other in NorthEast. Brazil has witnessed several cycles of deep recession and strong economic recoveries over a period of 3 decades. And by the year 1996 the boom was particularly beneficial to poorest 10% of the population whose purchasing power grew by 27%. So now Unilever could target the low-income segment people as their purchasing power had grown considerably. Lot of differences are seen between the SouthEast and the NorthEast regions with respect to many factors: Sl.No| Criteria| NorthEast| SouthEast|

1.| Per Capita Income| $2250| $6600|
2.| Population| 48 million| 122 million|
3.| Illiteracy| 40% = 19.2 million| 15% = 18.3 million| 4. | Minimum Wages| 53%| 21%|
5.| Mixed Population(African & European)| 65%| 30%|

From the table above it is clear that the Northeast is still rural and is heavily dependent on agriculture as its major occupation. The Europeans had got in large number of West Africans to work as slaves to Northeast.Its Lifestyle, culture and religion are influenced by Africa. NorthEast are fond of music...
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