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  • Published : January 23, 2013
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School Uniforms

Opening Statement:

Good morning everyone. Today, the topic I will be debating will be on how school uniforms should be mandatory. The way our generation is molded today has an effect on individuals over the way they think of themselves physically and mentally. When we wake up in the morning, do we really think “Hey I’m going to get an education today” NO. We think about our hair, makeup, and the new and fabulous clothes we are going to wear. Our main focus is popularity and social status and being on top. By having everyone in the same uniform will decrease discrimination, and having a safer and happier school system, while saving money for the parents.

To begin with many families cannot afford to buy the latest name brand clothing, shoes, and accessories for their children. The pressure to fit in at school causes parents to overspend on unnecessary items. You don’t have that problem with economically smart uniforms. Students can wear the same outfit every day or alternate with another outfit for a very low cost. Roughly about 150 – 200 dollars you will be spending on uniforms, but for the whole year. So by everyone wearing uniforms no one will be categorized as poor or rich we are all equal. This will also increase academic performance by not having your focus on how you look because you all look the same. Also, parents can save money by buying their child street clothes’ less often. Secondly, when everyone is dressed in the same coloured uniforms, school officials can quickly identify outsiders. Whether it’s a student from another school or a random person roaming the halls, schools can increase their security measures and safety by spotting and reprimanding outsiders who might try to harm students. School Uniforms will also lower the bullying and the violence in schools. Many parents don’t have enough money to buy their kids outfits every year. Many kids take advantage of that and make fun of kids because they wear the same clothes...
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