Implementing School Uniforms

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  • Published : October 9, 2008
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Implementing School Uniforms

In the modern school system, there are many distractions that take a student’s focus off of education, making it more difficult than ever for them to learn the curriculum. These problematic distractions include the formation of gangs and illegal activities, being ridiculed for not keeping up with the latest fashions, and social discrimination. Mandatory school uniforms will increase the safety, and unity of the school, and decrease the pressures and costs of keeping up with the “latest fashion.” This puts a greater focus on academic ability and education, and sends a clear message about what is really important in life: knowledge.

The most effective way to keep illegal activity out of schools isn’t by installing metal detectors or security guards; it’s by implementing a mandatory dress code. A child in a Detroit school was killed simply for his Nike tennis shoes. Statistics say that schools having a mandatory uniform program have seen major reductions in crime rates. In one California school, sexual offences have dropped an astounding 93%. It’s much easier to conceal a weapon in a pair of baggy pants than it is a pair of khakis. If all the students in a school were wearing the same thing, it would also be very easy to detect people that didn’t belong on campus. Gang members are unable to display their gangs’ colors or symbols if they are wearing a school uniform, so there is less of an opportunity for gang related violence. School uniforms are a vital tool in the reduction of violence in schools.

There are no positive aspects associated with worrying about not having the money to buy the newest and coolest fashions. If a dress code is implemented, parents will no longer have to deal with fights at 7 AM about if something is decent to wear to school or not. This is time better spent worrying about school itself. Teachers will no longer have to make the decision on if a skirt is too revealing, or if the sleeves on a shirt...
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