Uniform: Yes or No!

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Yeni Purtika

Carol Speranza

23 April 2010

School Uniforms in Indonesia: A Need and a Must

In Indonesia, uniforms are not just clothes. In terms of display, this clothing is a most visible marker of status, identity and ethnicity (Arthur). When Indonesians wear uniforms, it means that they are responsible and serious to the job they do. Officers in almost all official instances in Indonesia wear certain uniform related to the organization. Uniforms dictate its wearers what is and what is not appropriate to do. In school, many educators suggest dress codes are intended to teach students what is acceptable in the workforce (Key). In Indonesia, uniforms can be an indicator of polite behavior. Every country has its own regulation in deciding students obligatory to wear uniforms, especially to students in elementary, middle and high school. In Indonesia, regulation in wearing uniforms is applied in various ways, either from the school levels or the school types (Sudrajat).

Fig. l. Indonesia School Uniforms (Syukur)
(from left: elementary school, junior high school, high school, scouts)

Indonesian students wear uniforms from elementary school up to high school level. At the elementary school, students commonly wear white shirt and red shorts or skirts. At one higher school level, junior high school, students wear white shirt and blue shorts or skirts. Last, in high school, students wear white shirt and grey trousers or grey skirts. This regulation is applied nationally. Students in public schools are obligated to wear those kinds of uniforms, but the length of the clothes is not arranged by the regulation. On the other hand, private schools are given free options whether to choose the national uniforms or create their own uniforms. At Moslems schools, the regulation is mixed with Islam's rules (for instance, wearing veils for females and trousers for males). At the end of 2004, Indonesian Education...
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