School Uniforms: Beneficial or Unnecessary Evil

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School Uniforms: Beneficial or Unnecessary Evil
Every year around the beginning of August millions of teens drag their parents all over malls and shopping centers looking to purchase the latest fashion trends to start the school year with. Not every parent can afford this for their children, and they are forced to go to school in the same clothes they wore last year. In public schools this can be a major problem, especially when the school district is spread all over a county with numerous socioeconomic classes and a large diversity of cultures. Such diversity is a common situation for many public schools. The apparent differences between class and culture cause many divisions or cliques between students. For some students they feel like outcasts for the ridicule they receive for being different. Imagine a world where children did not have to experience being teased for being poor or different. It is a simple solution really, one that is as simple as a uniform. Although, many people believe school uniforms are not effective because they do not prevent bullying, utilizing uniforms in schools are actually beneficial to both schools and students because students learn to express themselves through their personalities and unique gifts, and because when uniforms are utilized in schools they promote a safer and healthier learning environment.

Students learn to express themselves through their personalities and unique gifts. When students cannot express themselves through the clothing and accessories they wear, he or she must turn to different forms of self-expression. For example, from sixth grade until I graduated from high school, I attended a school that assigned students a uniform. The uniform was very simple: dark brown leather shoes, khaki pants, dark brown leather belt, and a white collared shirt that had to be tucked in. The only jewelry allowed for both boys and girls was a silver or gold watch. Girls were allowed to wear a very simple pair of silver,...
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