UNICEF: Managing Public Relations

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Chiara Longhi


A potential detractor for my company could be that specific part of the population that thinks that it would be more important and more reasonable to firstly focus on those closer internal problems, rather than bring all the actions overseas. In this case, the PR managers need to be as careful as they can, because there is the risk to involuntary minimize in people’s eyes the importance of those “internal problems”. I think the best thing to do would consist in adopting a sympathetic attitude towards these detractors, being able at the same time to show them that one action does not compromise the other: supporting Unicef does not mean automatically decide to avoid other closer “issues”. Furthermore, the crucial point in what Unicef does, is that it brings its assistance into desperate situations, it works to save lives, to build a more civilized culture in those developing country that really need a support. A good PR technique would be to openly show what the results of Unicef are, how its actions deeply have improved and saved entire villages and little towns: people want to see facts, not reading data and statistics. It is essential to make them understand that the reason why they should support Unicef is that they would give their contribution to resolve some serious issues that fortunately are not present in their home country. Besides, it is really important for PR to show Unicef’s action under another point of view: taking part of this company,and collaborating with it, does not just help the organization achieving its aims, but gives an incredible support to people’s ego too. When we do something for others, something that we know brings some help, we automatically feel better, so the voluntary work could also be seen under an “egoistic” prospective. I think that adopting those strategies, of both showing understanding, and at the same time make people understand that what Unicef does is a plus, and not an...
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