Uni and School Life

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Compare and contrast high school life and university life

When I was a high school student, I never thought about life in university. Of course, I realized the fact that high school life and university life are different in many ways when I enter in university. These are self-management, regulation, and assignment.

The first difference is self-management. Mostly, high school students always are controlled by their parents in their behavior. And their parents will also provide their living cost. In addition, they have to focus on their studies instead of partying or hanging out with friends all days. Moreover, they have to follow schedules which are arranged by school. In contrast to this, university students are free and less controlled. For example, they have to take responsibility for their lives. They have to manage their living costs. They can arrange their courses freely. In addition, they can manage their free time and their schedule as they want.

Another difference is regulation. The regulation in high school is very strict. There are many rules that high school students must follow. For example, when they must wear uniform, especially girls. Their skirt must be long enough to cover their knees. Their hair also must be short and not dyed. In contrast, the regulation in university is less strict. For instance, university students can wear any fashionable or comfortable clothes to go to the university. However, the clothes that they wear should be proper. In addition, they can put on make-up and they can have any hairstyles.

The last difference is assignments. Since high school students have many subjects to study, in each day they get a lot of homework. However, their homework is easy to do. In addition, they don’t have to worry about the time to hand in their homework. They can hand in late of assignments, because high school teachers are very kind. On the contrary, the university homework is less than homework in high school. But it is...
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