2 Year College vs 4 Year University

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After high school, the average American is expected to go to college or work. Some people even choose to do both. This is the American way of life. Without having a college degree, now days, it is nearly impossible to find a decent job. There are many choices one can make, but usually it comes down to attending a two year college and a four year university. Attending a four year university and a two year college are similar with the respect to the courses offered and the quality of education; they differ with the respect of the cost and the class sizes.

By attending a two year or four year college, a student can receive relatively the same general courses. For example, every college has English, math and sciences. Although one college may offer a major in Nursing and one may not, the general courses are the same. Salisbury University is a four year university and community colleges are two year colleges, but they both offer majors in psychology.

Another similarity is that the quality of the courses offered. All colleges have to live up to the prescribed standards and have to meet certain expectations, given by the Board of Education. With that being said, both colleges will have to show an acceptable level of quality to the students and other professors. For example, if a student majors in Philosophy, whether it is at BCC, Towson or Duke, he or she will still get the same value of education. You may learn a different technique at one, than the other, but generally the quality of work is the same.

Although there are many differences, one that stands out the most is the cost. A four year college will probably cost more in one year than your whole two years at a community college. For example, at Delaware University the 2004-05 yearly tuition for full-time students was $7725 for Delaware residents and $15,990 for nonresidents (University of Delaware). At a community college, a full-time student’s tuition is around $1,800. There is a big difference between the...
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