Unemployment in Pakistan

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  • Published: February 29, 2012
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BASIC MIMAP Poverty Profile of Pakistan

G. M. Arif

Hina Nazli

Rashida Haq

Pakistan Institute of Development Economics, Islamabad

September 2000

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Demography
3. Income and Expenditure
1 Real annual per capita expenditure
2 Trends in money metric poverty
3 Income distribution
4 Sources of household income
5 Distribution of household expenditures
4. Employment
1 Labour force participation
2 Unemployment and underemployment
3 Sectoral distribution
4 Real Wages
5 Dependency ratio

5. Nutrition
5. Education
1 Adult literacy rate
2 Primary school gross enrolment rates
3 Secondary school gross enrolment rates
4 Primary school drop-out rates
5 Continuation rates

7. Health
7. Water and Sanitation
8. Housing
9. Assets
10. Summary
Appendix Tables
Definitions and Data Sources

List of Tables

Table 1:Demography

1A: Population/household distribution, absolute number and percentages by rural/urban and province, 1981 and 1998

Table 2:Income and Expenditure

2A: Real annual per capita expenditure, money-metric indices, Gini coefficient, household expenditure and sources of household income by rural/urban and provinces, 1992-93 and 1996-97.

Table 3.Employment

3A: Sectoral distribution, labour force participation, unemployment and underemployment, average real wages and dependency ratio, 1992-93 and 1996-97

Table 4. Nutrition

4A: Calorie intake per capita (per day), height/age and weight/height by rural/urban areas and province, 1985-87 and 1998-99.

Table 5.Education
5A: Adult literacy rate, primary and secondary school gross enrolment rates, primary school drop-out and continuation rates, and access to primary school by rural/urban areas and province, 1995-96 and 1998-99.

Table 6. Health
6A: Life expectancy at birth,...
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