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Topics: University, Business, Education Pages: 4 (1434 words) Published: March 31, 2013
One of the most valuable lessons that I have learnt from life is to make the best of what I have. I believe this is one of the most important rules than can help one survive in a developing country like Pakistan. A lot is written and said about Pakistan these days; that it is begging for good governance; is rife with mismanaged assets; is plagued by rampant corruption – the problems listed are endless. The one problem that has always irked me lies in the fact that the majority of the privileged class – and I call it “privileged” in as much, as it can afford a decent education – tends to get educated “for the sake of getting educated”: they lack aims and goals, and simply hope to find the same along the way. It was during the start of my A Levels that I truly realized the importance of setting goals in life. I believe that up until that time, I was the clichéd “underachiever”; however a good result in my A Levels helped me change that notion, and put it to rest for good. Today my aim is to bring a positive change in my country and help it rise amongst other nations. I believe that the key to excellence lies in the maximization of one’s potential. I have opted for your postgraduate course in International Business because it is the precise area where I can excel and maximize my own potential. I believe that my will to excel has been generated by the social conditions in Pakistan; seeing the plight of others who are surrounded by financial distress makes one truly and humbly realise how wealthy are those who have the fortune of being able to afford an education. It is this very realisation that has always compelled me to make the most of my shot at getting educated, and now that this feeling has fully entrenched itself within my soul, I am determined to make it count not just for my sake, but also for the sake of my fellow countrymen to whom I owe as much as I owe to myself. I have been studying social sciences and its various forms since 2003. Last year I...
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