Unemployment in Namibia

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  • Published : May 8, 2012
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Unemployment battle in Namibia
ALLOW me to express my views on the traumatising issue of unemployment in Namibia. I know there is always a solution to any problem, and I believe that we as a nation are able to fight all the problems that are disconcerting our nation such as education and unemployment. My main concern is on what are we as a nation doing to fight unemployment? What is the government doing to keep its nation off the streets? Are our policies and laws hampering our progress? As far as I know, our ministries, the Namibian nation, needs to go back to the table and try and see where the problem lies and try to find solution. I bet the solution lies at the tip of the pen. Ignoring these things and hoping one day the solution will fall from heaven will just lead us to being a failed nation. This whole unemployment issue is hitting the youth of Namibia, and many choose the alternative of earning an income by going into crime. I would like to make suggestions to our youth council as well as to our line ministries (especially Youth and Education) as to how we can tackle head-on the issue of unemployment in the country. If you look closely the link between the Ministries of Education and Youth, there is an on-going gap. How many students are graduating each year from our tertiary institution as well as well as our vocational training centres and colleges? What exactly happens to these students: are they employed in their relevant fields or do they just sit at home with their degrees and diplomas? And what is our government doing to help them? I would like to applaud Minister of Education for thinking out of the box to establish Human Resources in his ministry. This is the key to any organisation and I would like to suggest to our youth council to also establish a human resource department to cater the needs for all the youths nationwide. This can improve the method of accumulation and dissemination of information on available jobs in which job centres have...
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