Issues of Youth in Pakistan

Topics: Education, United States, Youth Pages: 3 (921 words) Published: November 29, 2012

Youth, in this era of modern technology, is facing problem all over the world. But especially in developing countries of the world like Pakistan our youth is helpless and are growing up without clear goals and ideals. Of the 15 largest countries in the world in terms of population size, Pakistan has the largest population of the youngest people. In one’s mind this question may arise whether such a large population be regarded as a burden or an asset for country. But in my view such a large population could prove itself an asset towards the country. This demographic situation provides our Pakistan’s youth with an extra ordinary opportunity that because of such a large young population our country could compete even with the developing countries of the world, then how could this population be designated as a burden. Particularly when we talk about the young people of Pakistan then we will get to know that our youth counter through number of issues from their education period up till their settlement in life. Hardest of all the time is the duration of their career making. Unemployment is the major issue confronted by our youth. Today 12% of our youth is unemployed. Most of the educated students such as degree holders of Bachelors and Masters have no value in national or international market now. These unlucky guys are delivering pizzas and doing other door to door services. Some of them are so unlucky that they don’t even get such kinds of job too. Another prejudice being done every day to our youth is favoritism. It is processed in every organization of our country from lowest to highest level. Students who belong to any political parties or are far relatives of any high post officials they get job easily within few hours without any struggle. Although they are impotent for that job, and because of this brilliant students are deprived of their right. Another problem being faced by our youth is flawed education system in our...
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