Unemployment Essay

Topics: Unemployment, United States, Termination of employment Pages: 3 (787 words) Published: February 16, 2011

Rhiann Chapa

University Of Phoenix

Houston Campus

Week One


Unemployment has affected many Americans in the United States. Just in the United States unemployment has reached an all time high. Should I blame the government for not providing more jobs or should I blame the companies that will not supply jobs for the United States to recover? This question is asked to provide who is the one to blame. Maybe society itself is not going to recover from the recession that is still happening today. Unemployment has affected my husband and I in different ways. The first one to become unemployed is my husband. He did not like his job he decided to quit the company for working there for three years. He is still looking for a job. It has been over a year since he has worked. After losing my job, I have not worked since April 2009. We both are searching for full time work. I realize how hard it is to find a job in this recession. We are not working and our income has suffered. I started working for Toys R Us in November 2009, only part time. I am only working one day a week, which is not even enough to pay my cell phone bill. What can I do to bring home more money for both of us to survive? Filing for unemployment is the key answer. I filed for unemployment when my previous job terminated me. The unemployment office then calculates how much I made last year in four quarters and decides how much I qualify to collect. I qualified for unemployment and started to collect. This helped my family out a lot and helped with finding work. My husband and I became part of the statistics for getting unemployment. The payments only get a person by for so many months until that person finds a job or just stops collecting. I found a job, I quit collecting and now I have to find full time work to make up the rest of a full paycheck. With Obama in office, he proposed to open up jobs to help the recession. Congress and...
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