Understanding the Principle of Professional Development

Topics: Personal development, Work, Reflection Pages: 4 (1486 words) Published: May 29, 2012
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Understand the principles of professional development
In order to develop our knowledge further we must be able to reflect on our current practice. Reflecting on our own practice is important because it allows us to assess what we are doing well and identify areas where we might like/need more training or guidance. This will help to ensure that we are performing to the best we can and are meeting all necessary standards and expectations within our nursery’s policies and procedures. It helps individuals to think about what they are doing and to always be aware of how they work with the children, families and team members. By Reflecting on our practice we can enhance and improve our confidence and self esteem because you can look at what you are doing well, the things we have learnt and achieved. This can make us feel good about ourselves, this can then give us the confidence to continue working well and to aim to try new things and to use what new skills or knowledge we have gained within our practice. In order to reflect on our practice we must be able to look at why and how we do things and to consider if a different approach may be beneficial. In order to be able to effectively reflect on our practice we must be able to be open- minded and question our own practice. If we can do this then it will help us to improve our own knowledge and skills. In order to develop these skills we should be able to: * Listen openly to the ideas of others

* Reflect on your own work and the work of you team members * Consider ways to improve your practice and implement them. As a manager I encourage all the staff to take part in reflective practice on a regular basis. Staff undertake professional observations, I then read these and we go through them together, this is also part of reflective practice. If a staff member comes to me with an issue and needs advice or support, I will offer my advice and support after helping them to reflect on their practice...
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