Understanding Happiness

Topics: Human, Meaning of life, Thing Pages: 4 (1598 words) Published: March 12, 2013
What is actually the happiness? You can not touch it, or see it, but you can see it on somebody else`s face. People say that it is a combination of complicated chemical reactions in our body, but I think there is something else hidden behind this word. Happiness is an emotional condition “characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy” . When a person is happy, he feels full of life and he wants to spend the whole energy that he has. In this moment, for this person there is not a thing that is impossible for him, and nobody can stop him. Happiness can give you wings, you enjoy the little things in your life, you notice a little details, and you feel like you are not in this world. You are able to breath in, the whole energy, and you can feel how your heart is beating, and your blood is flowing through your veins. What is really the happiness? Every single person has his own opinion, and if you ask ten different people what means to be happy, you are going to receive ten different answers. People are different, and everybody has his own ideals, and points of view. Somebody thinks the happiness is to be healthy, another person thinks it means to be in love, a third one thinks it means to have a lot of money, and so on. I think the happiness comes from an achieved goal, and it depends of the size of the goal: the bigger goal you achieved, the bigger your happiness is. If you do something nice to somebody today, it will make you happy, for a little bit. If you had a good day, you feel satisfied at the end. Those little moments doesn’t make your whole life happy. The hardest thing for everybody is to build his own perception of what happiness mean, and to find the path that is going to lead to it. Every day we go out and we see new people. Everybody is in a hurry, and everybody is in his own world. Everybody`s face is different. Some of them are somewhere deep in their thoughts, some of them are frustrated for...
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