Understanding Changes in the Work Place

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Understanding change in the work place

I work in a residential care home there are 26 bedrooms but 28 beds as two of the rooms are double rooms most of them have en-suite. The home provides care for the elderly of different needs and different levels of care. All members of staff are trained to the highest standards with on-going training throughout the year both in house and from funded outside agencies (i.e. distance learning programmes). This means that each resident gets the best care and support that they need. My Job role within the organisation is a senior carer. My role as a senior carer is to delegate the work load for the shift between the carers equally and fairly and promote independent living for each resident and to make sure that each resident is given the best care possible to the highest standards. As part of my senior carer role it is my responsibility to order and administer medication to each resident and also to liaise with outside agencies for the care of the residents, i.e. Doctors, District Nurses, Hospital, Family’s etc. I am also a designated key worker for four of our residents and I implement, update and review care plans. I hold and assist in residents meetings and arrange urgent and none urgent medical care for each resident as required. The home I work for conduct their own audits, I also assist in conducting them as I speak with the residents, check and review files and ensure that their bedrooms and wardrops etc are kept clean and tidy to the highest possible standards. CQC (Care quality Commission) and investors in people can and do arrive without notice to conduct reports on the quality of care we provide within the home, they provide detailed feedback and outline any improvements they think the home should make. If the quality of care isn’t up to their standards the home will lose the awards and benefits’ that go with them including the 10p an hour wage top up given by the investors in people and the quality assurance could be withdrawn. This could result in the loss of residents and may even result in the home shutting down. For the inspectors to determine whether the services we offer are up to their standards, they speak to the residents and staff, they ask the residents about the care they receive and the staff about the work place environment. They thoroughly check care plans to ensure they are complete and up to date. The home is checked for discrepancies, menus are checked to ensure the residents are beening offered a well-balanced diet and that they or offered a choice of meals.

Identifying a change that is required
The home I work for was a nursing home when I first started but the owner and the manger came to the conclusion that the home could no longer warrant being classed as a nursing home and that it would be more beneficial for it to become a residential care home. A simple SWOT analysis was carried out to determine the effect the change that it would have on the home. The strengths of the change were that the home was already full equipped to become a residential care home. Taking in residential residents instead of nursing residents which would mean that the residents would be more able bodied and therefore require a lower level of care and have a better quality of life. The rooms in a nursing home are usually bigger than those in a residential care home due to the equipment that is required for nursing residents. Due to the change from a nursing home to a residential care home it has enabled the home to care for more residents and married couples which has improved the financial status of the home, also day and respite care is available as the staff who were looking after the nursing residents are now free to spend quality time with the residents. The weakness of the change was the loss of the nurses which could have led to the residents feeling apprehensive and the staffs that were offered the senior role had to agree to a higher level of...
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