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Topics: Chemical reaction, Ionic bond, Chemistry Pages: 5 (1095 words) Published: May 26, 2013
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Understanding by Design (UBD) Plan in Science and Technology III ( Chemistry ) ____________________________________________________________________________ Topic: Chemical Accounting Subject Area: Chemistry Big Ideas: The Chemical Reactions Year Level: Third Year Allocated Time: 40 daysDesigners: Karen A. Banaag

Target Date: Coordinator: Karen A. Banaag ________________________________________________________________________


* Demonstrate the ability to use symbols, formulas, and chemical equations in explaining chemical equations * Discuss the four general types of chemical reactions * Explain the implied information derived from balanced chemical equation * Classify chemical reactions given the balanced chemical equation * Identify the chemical equations involved in the chemical reactions * Identify what solution is * identify the different properties of solution * Enumerate what are the factors that affect solubility| CONTENT STANDARD| PERFORMANCE STANDARD| TRANSFER GOAL|

The learner will be able to * identify the different types of chemical reaction * explain how to balance chemical equations * define solution * explain the properties of solution * identify the factors that affect solubility| The learner should be able to * apply the rules for balancing equations when given the names of formulas of all the reactants and products in a chemical reaction * explain the usefulness of a system for classifying chemical reactions * explain the different properties of solution * explain the factors that affect solubilty| I want my students to explain why balancing chemical equation is important and explain how the following affect the solubility of a substance| ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS| ENDURING UNDERSTANDING|

* Why is change necessary? * How can you predict changes? * How do you achieve balance with every change? * How do changes in temperature, pressure, and concentration affect a chemical reaction? * How do catalysts affect chemical reaction system?| * during chemical reaction, some bonds is broken down and new bonds are formed, matter is conserved, and energy is always involved; and * chemical formulas reflect the conservationof matter in bonding and can be determined experimentally.| STUDENTS WILL KNOW | STUDENTS WILL BE ABLE TO KNOW|

* Chemical Change and Chemical Reactions * The Chemical Equation * Classification of Chemical Reactions * Balancing Chemical Equation | * how to use symbols, formulas, and chemical equation in explaining chemical reaction * to enumerate and discuss the four types of chemical reactions * how to balance chemical equations * identify chemical processes| STAGE 2- ASSESSMENT EVIDENCE|

Performance Task Each group of environmental advocates will do the scientific investigation and design their presentation of findings and recommendation to a group of lawmakers.| Formative:. Concept Maps. Group Discussions. Practice Exercises,. Chapter Test. Investigatory Activity| STAGE 3|

TEACHING LEARNING SEQUENCE1. EXPLORE Topic: Chemical Reactions Count Me In….Chemical Stoichiometry Simple activity 1. By group the student will do the activity “Decolorizing Bleach”. 2. After doing the activity, one representative from the group will discuss the data they gathered from the experiment . ( It will serve as introduction about chemical reaction.) * classify commonly observed changes /situations at home as physical or chemical change to...
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