Understand the Factors That Can Affect Interaction and Communication of Individuals with Dementia

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  • Published : June 21, 2013
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My name is Rosemarie Davies I’m 46 years of age a single parent. I have 4 children two boys and two girls my oldest is Gavin who is 26 years of age he works in sales then Natasha who is 25 years of age she works for as a pa for a company doing nvq then its Gethin who is 18 years of age who is in collage doing motor vehicle repair then its Georgia who is 11 years of age and still in school who attends the welsh school for the last six years I, ve been bringing the youngest up on my own .i also have 2 grandchildren my granddaughter is 4 years of age her name is Sara my grandson is riley he is 4 months.my grandmother brought myself and my brother up because my mother passed away when I was young .my grandmother inspired me to go to do care work after I looked after her when she was ill which I didn’t have the confidence to do until later on in my life until I was on my own with my children. I’ve been working at Brindaven for 2 years know which I enjoy my job very much I love being able to help the residents weather it’s with getting washed and dressed or with feeding. It don’t make a difference I enjoy communicating with residents .my hobbies are reading ,going online and chatting to my friends and family going to jazz band with my youngest children watching them take part and matching against other bands and seeing the look on they faces when win .i love to walk my dog up the park when I get time .my religion is church of England which I use to attend when I was younger .i belief everybody as the right to they own values and beliefs and they should be able to say how they feel and practice they own religion I have just complete my level 2 which once I got in to it I enjoyed doing and learning new things .I’m know hoping to do my level 3and I hope I will enjoy doing it and learn new things it was hard doing when you are working and with the children I have also been doing e learning for work which I have complete for the 2rd year I would like to do more course...
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