Underage Drinking

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  • Published : December 8, 2012
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Underage Drinking : What's the solutions?

Drinking alcohol is the best way to forget people's problems. That is common belief of many persons who want to escape from their problems and believe that drinking can solve their problem. Unfortunately, they complicate their life with the grave consequences of drinking. The three most common solutions of underage drinking are parental control, strict law, and consultant's support. Initially, parental control has become the first possible solution of underage drinking. Parents should be more responsible toward their children, so they should observe their behaviors and advice them continuously. Parents play an active role in their children's life, they learn them and help them to recognize the best in all life's divisions. In addition, parents must discipline their children manners and habits, also their friendships because anyone can be affected directly by peers and the environment. Secondly, strict law can be mentioned as another suggested solution of underage drinking. Governments have to make strict law and ban buying and selling drinking especially among teenagers, so when there are instructions on getting alcohol, they already remember the punishment that get it from broken law. Governments should be careful with teens requirements and save their future by the ability to obey all the laws that protect them from the hazardous outcomes of drinking offences. Finally, consultants can provide and help the teenagers to quit alcohol. Consultants who have professional expert to deal with the persons in needs. Consultants can be teachers, friends and officials, all of offer the best to advice the addicts and help them to stop that bad habit. Furthermore, consultants should have the modern methods to aim teens to reveal about their problems and help them to quit the drinking. To sum up, underage drinking can be solved by parental control, strict law and consultants help. In my...
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