Drinking Age

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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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“Drink, drank, drunk.” As people reach the age of eighteen, they are basically considered as an adult. They have the ability to vote, buy cigarettes, get a tattoo, and get married, but not allowed to buy alcohol. Because of organizations such as M.A.D.D. fought to eliminate alcoholic fatalities among young adults. As a result, the National Minimum Drinking Age Act was passed to the states that stated to raise the minimum drinking age to twenty-one or lose ten percent of their Federal Highway Funding. Many people agree that the raising of the legal drinking age has become more of a problem than a solution. There has been proof that the drinking age law isn’t causing much difference, but instead, a downgrade. The main purpose of the law was to prevent people from drunk driving, but instead it has created more issues with binge drinking in which causing more alcohol related deaths. Most underage drinkers do not know when they will be able to drink, therefore, they overly indulge as much as they can which causes serious problems. Since the increase in the legal drinking age, abusive drinking has elevated the amount of underage drinkers compared to legal age adults. The United States has one of the highest legal drinking ages in the world. In other countries, people are able to buy alcohol at the age of sixteen. Drinking at a younger age is more socially accepted as they have the ability to drink whenever they want. Therefore, they don’t have the drink excessively, because high drinking age laws would make underage drinkers have the urge to hide that they have been drinking. This is why the drinking age should be lowered so that they don’t have to lie and hide the fact that they were drinking from their parents. Even with the legal drinking age being twenty-one, there are still many underage drinkers and always will be, but with the help of alcohol awareness and education it will teach people to make the right choices. By lowering the legal drinking age to eighteen...
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