Uncharted Knowledge

Topics: Adam and Eve, Garden of Eden, Adam Pages: 2 (680 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Uncharted Knowledge
The cliché “Everything That Looks Good Isn't Good For you” has been told for generations. But how much has that stopped the ambitious human race from conquering? Equality 7-2521 is a man of desire, motivation, and determination. Being idealistic has never been one of his qualities but one asset of his that has been most opportune is his logic. His logic has brought him into new discoveries and encounters. Although these new discoveries are looked down upon as “sinful” they are much beneficial to Equality and his drive in finding himself. In the atmosphere that the world council, or as they refer to themselves “body of all truth” has created, all men must think together as one and they are “one in all and all in one”. Forbidden to think alone, travel to unknown barriers, or ultimately fall in love, Equality finds liberty. Equality’s journey to individuality begins with his passage through the uncharted forest much like the Garden of Eden in the story of Adam and Eve. Take heed to the scene in the beginning of Equality’s entrance into the uncharted forest in which Equality looks into the lake and sees himself. In this scene Equality is coincidently looking into water which is also used in Christian views as an element of rebirth. After Equality is “Baptized” into his new egotistical self he soon finds his identity, but I digress. Adam much like Equality was full of desire. Equality being more self-led than Adam who was led by his companion and not his own rationality. It has been established that Equality must never enter the uncharted forest, and the consequence of ever disobeying this “law” would surely end in “severe punishment”. As Equality roams the Uncharted Forest, he is both physically and spiritually walking away from collectivism and the City. He finds the meaning of individuality and freedom, opening new doors for the one thing the World Council damned, his ego. Equality’s one true companion Liberty 5-3000 was much alike him, very...
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