Uncertainty Avoidance

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  • Published : October 27, 2011
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Uncertainty Avoidance
He has defined the cultural characteristic of Uncertainty Avoidance as: . . . the extent to which people within a culture are made nervous by situations which they perceive as unstructured, unclear, or unpredictable, situations which they therefore try to avoid by maintaining strict codes of behaviour and a belief in absolute truths. Cultures with a strong uncertainty avoidance are active, aggressive, emotional, compulsive, security-seeking, and intolerant; cultures with a weak uncertainty avoidance are contemplative, less aggressive, unemotional, relaxed, accepting personal risks, and relatively tolerant. Hofstede (1986: 307-308) in Brown (1994a: 175)

The core of Uncertainty Avoidance Index (UAI) is the level of uncertainty or ambiguity within a certain society. Japan ranks high when it comes to uncertainty avoidance, with a score of 92. It is natural human instinct to avoid situations in which we feel uncomfortable. Japanese schools are the place where all the uncertainty avoidance starts for youngsters in Japan. The elemantary level and lower secondary level are compulsory in the Japanese Education. From early age, their parents have told them what future they have in mind for them. This immediately starts off from putting them in the right kindergarten, which will lead them to their prefered university. As u can tell the lifes of their children have already been worked out by their parents, from kindergarten until university, which makes the school life in Japan full of pressure. This pressure can make the youngsters in Japan become disturbed, ignorant, violent and much more. At the moment there are four trends among Japanese youth. * Parasite Singles – furita and hikikomori

* Fantasy and Escapism
* Violence and Death Fascination
* Immorality
There are two trends which i would like to define in specific, the “Parasite Single” and “Violence and Death Fascination” Parasite Singles
It all started off in 1980 when...
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