Ultra Sound Warning: Procedure May Harm Unborn Babies Brain

Topics: Neuron, Ultrasound, Brain Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: February 17, 2013
The technical article I read was called "Ultra sound warning: Procedure may harm unborn babies' brains." This article explained the danger to unborn babies when ultrasounds are performed on the mother to be. Research has been conducted to test the danger of ultrasounds on unborn mice. The research has shown some of the dangerous sides of ultrasounds. The mice were injected while in the womb to track their brain development. There were 335 mice injected. The research showed that the pregnant mice gave birth to mice with slight brain function disorders. The mice were injected for 30 minutes at a time. The mice experienced small brain abnormalities. Researchers say that these abnormalities are small, yet significant to the brain function. When the brain develops there are certain variables that must take place for there to be healthy brain function. When ultrasounds are given, that process may be interrupted. Brain cells may not make it in to the proper place or the brain neurons may not develop correctly. Ultrasounds can make neurons and cells go to the wrong sections in the brain, which will cause brain defects in unborn children, as they do in the unborn mice. Researchers will continue their study with monkeys rather than mice. The researchers say that they will be able to tell more with the monkey in the future for their experiment. Researchers, at this time, are not discouraging the use of the ultrasound on unborn children, because they play a huge part in the health of the child. Although they do not discourage the use they still stand by the research they have found. So far they believe the ultrasound to cause brain dysfunctions. They will learn more in the future when they conduct more studies on the monkeys. This research is very meaningful to me, not only because I am a woman and may have to have ultrasounds in the future, but to my career as well. I am studying sonography at this time. Depending on what...
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