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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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Successful Module Papers
Your Section Instructor will lead a discussion about the paper topic. The Discussion Section is designed to explore the issues that we think are important, but probably not to come to any specific conclusion. So take careful notes in section to understand the range of the issues which the Instructor raises, and try to think of the pro's and con's of various options. In most business situations there are no right or wrong answers, but instead a range of possible solutions. You will pick the one that seems best to you, and defend your position. The key to good business writing is concision. Writing concisely depends on choosing words carefully to convey the maximum amount of meaning in the least number of words. You achieve concision by writing freely and then applying careful editing. Remove redundancies (saying the same thing twice). Any time you find yourself writing “As mentioned above,” delete it! (If it‟s mentioned above, don‟t re-write it.) As you edit, be thoughtful about word choice. Avoid statements that are over the top (“It is imperative for Gap to redesign their stores.”) Choose your words with precision. Is the US budget deficit large, huge, enormous, or unconscionable? Most ugba-10 papers contain many good ideas, but suffer from terrible organization. The most common problem is to have a single idea fall across several different paragraphs. The second most common problem is to fail to use paragraphs and to write blocks of text which are too long. (In 2 pages, you should have about 5 to 6 paragraphs.) Here's how to organize your writing. While you are reading the background material and as you participate in Discussion Section, make notes in any order—a jumble of ideas on a scrap of paper is fine. Then get some distance (take a break). Next make an outline, something like this: 1. Your main insight into the situation at hand a) First (most important) idea i) Details, quotations, background ii) Supporting evidence (1) Point 1...
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