Functional Leval Strategy for Toyota

Topics: Toyota, Hybrid electric vehicle, Plug-in hybrid Pages: 12 (2955 words) Published: August 9, 2008
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Executive Summary
1.1Origin of the Study
1.2Objective of the Study
1.3Methodology of the Study
1.4Limitation of the Study01-02
Chapter-02About Strategic Management & Functional level strategy03 Chapter-03Topic of the Term Paper:
Functional Level Strategy of Toyota Corporation04-08
Chapter-04Problems & Solutions09
Chapter-05Findings & Analysis10-11

Executive Summary

In every organization strategic management has a direct impact on its business. Strategic Management helps to attain superior performance and competitive advantage for an organization. Through competitive advantage and superior performance a company differentiates its product, create a brand loyalty and increase the profitability. Companies in an industry always try to be in a top most position. For these they need to select strategies about each and every function. Functional-level strategy increases the performance rate. Strategic managers analyze the weakness of an organization in its every department and select strategies for every function and turn it into strengths. Specific strengths help companies to have competitive advantage over its rivals and increase the profitability which is an actual business goal of each and every organization.

In BBA program, one of the most important parts of each course is to prepare a term paper on assigned topic related to the course.

The term paper is prepared on strategic management in Automobile companies and functional-level strategy, which tries to show a company’s functional-level strategy in generic building blocks of attaining competitive advantage.



1.1)Origin of the study:

We are a group of students in BBA program. In this Program, one of the important tasks of every course is to prepare a term paper on the assigned topic related to the course.

In BBA program “Strategic Management” is a very important course. Our course teacher has provided us to prepare a term paper on assigned topic related to the course. We have prepared our term paper based on our course teacher’s assigned topic.

1.2) Objective of the study:

The main purpose of this report is to show a concrete overview of an organization and their Strategic Management.

The report will show the organization and their functional level strategy in achieving superior efficiency, superior quality, superior innovation and superior customer responsiveness to have competitive advantages in industry than its rivals.

1.3) Methodology of the study:

In preparing our term paper we have gathered information through the secondary resources. The whole information has been gathered from the internet and different books.

1.4) Limitation of the study:

The main limitation of the study is that the assigned sector or industry on which we prepared our term paper is about Automobile Company and their functional level strategy. In Automobile sector of Bangladesh none of the companies are producing or manufacturing vehicles inside the country. Most of them are sole distributors of international motor vehicle’s company or they import the vehicles from various companies from others countries. For these, we couldn’t collect information through visiting the company. It is very difficult to make a term paper about a company and their functional level strategy by using secondary resources only.


About Strategic Management

Strategic Management refers to the managerial process of forming a strategic vision, setting objectives, crafting a strategy, implementing a strategy and then overtime initiating whatever corrective adjustments in the vision, objectives, strategy and execution are deemed appropriate.

Functional level strategy:...
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