Tyson Foods Chaplaincy

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Tyson Foods
Faith based organizations are organizations that base their businesses off of faith and strive to promote employees faith through different activities and a strong set of company core values. Tyson Foods is one example of a faith based organization. Tyson Foods was started in the 1930’s by John Tyson and has grown to be the world’s largest processor and marketer of chicken, beef, and pork (Tyson.com). As Rod Nagel, senior vice president of Human Resources at Tyson Foods, said about receiving the International Spirit at Work Award, “we’re grateful for this international recognition of our efforts in the workplace. Our desire to be a faith-friendly company and to honor God, are part of Tyson’s Core Values, which shape and direct the way we do business” (Tyson.com press). One way that Tyson has shown how faith is important is the chaplaincy that has been set up within the company. Tyson’s Chaplaincy was set up in October of 2000 and has been a big part of the social environment in Tyson’s workplaces. “Tyson Chaplain Services has chaplains available to Team Members at numerous plants around the country and in the corporate offices. The chaplains provide compassionate pastoral care and ministry to Team Members and their families, regardless of their religious or spiritual affiliation or beliefs” (Tyson.com). With around 120 chaplains around the nation, the program has served as a way for workers to talk about any problems they may have whether in the business or at home. Sister Francis Rivers is a part time chaplain at the Tyson plant in the Missouri Ozarks, where the majority of employees are newly immigrated Hispanics. Sister Francis works alongside her fellow chaplains to help the employees of the plant deal with cultural differences, employee disputes, and any other problems that they may have (poultry giant). Because of the amount of Hispanic workers, ethnicity and learning to deal with the differences...
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