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Types & Teamwork:
Working With Different Personality Styles


A 90-Minute Audio Conference for
Administrative Assistants,
Secretaries, and Office Support Staff

Featuring diane Moore, Editor, The Office Professional
and Lisa Trudel, Career Consultant, Office Workers Career Center

session Objectives
This audio conference will:
• Help you to understand how
your preferences and work
style influence your behavior
and communication style in
the workplace

• Give you new strategies for
working and communicating
more effectively with all personality
styles, particularly in conflict

• Demonstrate how different
combinations of personality
styles affect a team’s ability to
communicate, make decisions
and work together productively

• Provide you with ideas for
modifying your approach when
communicating and working with
people whose styles and preferences differ from your own

Understanding personality styles
• “Only those who respect the personality of others
can be of real use to them.”
— Albert Schweitzer

• “Great achievements are not born from a single
vision, but from the contribution of many viewpoints.”
— Author Unknown

History of personality styles
Hippocrates (60-70BC)

- Body fluids

Carl Jung (1875-1961)

- Types and temperaments

Isabel briggs Myers (1897-1979)
and Katharine Cook briggs

-Myers-Briggs Type
Indicator (MBTI)

david Keirsey (191)

- Temperaments

don Lowry (1978)

- True Colors

Lynda McKim/Career Life
Skills Resources (00)

-Personality Dimensions

Understanding differences
• “Plaids” of differences and colors
• Personality style approaches are not meant to stereotype or label • We function from all perspectives
• Some require less effort and are more comfortable
than others
• Different personality styles and communication styles
in all work teams

Work styles
We each have our own approach to:
• Thinking about, planning and structuring a task or project • Relating to others as we go about getting our work done


Assess your Work style
put a check mark beside the points that describe
how you work MOsT OF THe TIMe:
• Logical, rational, objective
• Good at seeing the big picture
• Like to look for flaws and generate ideas for improvement • Set high standards for self & others
• Like researching, gathering data and analyzing problems
• Enjoy debating “pros and cons” with others

• People oriented; sensitive to what others need
• Value harmony; act as peacekeeper; team-oriented
• Committed to personal growth and development
• Honest and genuine
• Sympathetic and supportive
• Sociable and friendly

• Plan carefully before you begin work
• Follow the rules and expect others to do so
• Work on and finish one project before starting the next
• Maintain an organized work area
• Like to do things the same way each time
• Punctual, reliable, orderly

• Adapt well in rapidly changing situations
• Handle last-minute deadlines well
• Like to experiment with new ideas and approaches
• Adventurous; a risk-taker
• Need variety and action to stay interested
• Dislike being limited by rules; values freedom to
things in own way


Communication styles
We each have our own approach to:
• Expressing ideas
• Listening to others
• Gathering information
• Discussing, debating and sometimes disagreeing
• Explaining instructions


Assess your Communication style
put a check mark beside the points that describe
how you communicate MOsT OF THe TIMe:
• Objective, direct, to the point.
• Like to give/receive ALL the information
• Enjoy debating; like discussing/arguing factual theories • Dislike it when others become emotional
• Will point out and want to hear pros and cons

• A good listener; sympathetic and responsive
• Express ideas passionately and with feeling
• Careful about expressing ideas...
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