Mgt 311 Wk 2 Reflection

Topics: Management, Employment, Psychology Pages: 2 (598 words) Published: May 15, 2013

Week Two Group Summary
Learning Team D
Professor David Parson

Over the course of the last two weeks, this class has discussed many topics. We have gone over the best ways of communication with staff, and the effectiveness of different techniques. We isolate which were the most important traits to possess, and how to best deal with employees who may possess traits that differ from our own. Communication would be the most important to use in training or learning what motivates employees in an organization. By communicating with them and discussing what their goals are and what they see as a future, a manager can get the feel of the individual character. A manager physically sitting down and talking with individual employees; whether the manager is new or he/she is a new employee. No manager can actually begin to assess an employee without talking to them. The manager needs to lay out what is expected, and emphasize policies. With the sit down, a manager can also get a feel of what the employee future goal is while being at the company. Communication will help in the placement with how this person will interact with other employees. While having the sit down, the manager can get an initial feel for how the employee may fit into a particular area of the operation. If they give the appearance as a go getter, then place them with a group that will assist in promoting that. If they seem reserved, then they can be placed in a group that can build the confidence of the employee. A manager can use his or her knowledge of employee characteristics to improve organizational performance. By observing each employee and get to know his or her strengths and weaknesses, a manager can schedule tasking and provide needed training that would increase productivity. We also discussed how managers could use these employee characteristics and traits to motivate the employees. The individual characteristics of employees are so different from each...
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