Types of Smiles

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The Meaning of a Smile
A smile is the universal welcome. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and even meanings. When someone decides to flash their pearly whites at a passerby, what exactly do they mean by it? I smile all day long for my customers, but that doesn’t mean that I am always happy to be around them. People link smiling to being one of the friendliest gestures one can receive. However, a smile is deceitful and can be taken in many different ways, and wore on many different occasions.

Everybody has experienced that moment in their life when they have truly been happy. They smile all day long and can’t even find one reason why. Those smiles are the best ones to see and, oddly enough, they can even improve someones looks. They are simple smiles that brighten up the entire face and put the sparkle in their eyes. Happy smiles cannot be faked or forced and they curve from ear to ear. People that normally wear happy smiles are ones that are able to put the past behind them. Happy people always seem to be happy and they are fun to be around. The people that frequently use this smile often laughs a lot more than most people. They can also be picked out easily in a crowd because their smiles are genuine. This is a smile that reflects a happy and joyful heart.

Children are the best at the famous naughty or “Up-to-no-good” smiles. These smiles can normally be seen when someone has been caught red handed. For most people, these smiles are humorous and can easily be picked out because of the red faces they cause. Naughty smiles cause the eyebrows to raise, cheeks to redden, and they seem to show more teeth than normal. One can typically find an up-to-no-good smile on a student that was just caught cheating on a test, or a toddler that didn’t hide their vegetables very well. These smiles show defeat, yet the person wearing them is willing to fight their way out of trouble.

Forced smiles are commonly found in Christmas card photos or around the...
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