Types of Knot

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  • Published : November 26, 2011
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Types of Knot| Usages/Functions|
1. Timber Hitch| The Timber Hitch is a knot used to attach a single length of rope to a piece of wood.It also used for fastening a rope around a spar or log to be hoisted or towed.| 2. Timber Half Hitch| The Timber Half Hitch is used to establishment when added to help stabilize a load in the direction of pull. | 3. Fisherman Knot| The Fisherman Knot is used to join two lines, made by securing either end to the opposite standing part by an overhand knot.| 4. Fisherman Bend| The Fisherman Bend is mostly useful in making fast large hawsers.The knot is used to attach a rope to a ring, hook, anchor and etc.| 5. Carrick Bend| The Carrick Bend is used for joining two lines. It is particularly suitable for very heavy rope or cable that is too large and stiff to easily be formed into other common bends.| 6. Double Carrick Bend| The Double Carrick Bend is used to join two very thick ropes at the end. Usually used by towboats to tow a large cargo ships.|

Types of Knot| Usages/Functions|
7. Reeving Line Bend| The Reeving Line Bend used to connect lines which must pass through a small opening.| 8. Sheep Shank| The Sheep Shank is used to shorten a rope or take up slack.It usually used for securing loads to trucks or trailers, and in sailing applications.| 9. Rolling Hitch| The Rolling hitch is used to attach a rope to a rod, pole, or other rope.A common usage while sailing is for rigging a stopper to relax the tension on a sheet so that a jammed winch or block can be cleared.| 10. Round Term and Two Half Hitch| The Round Term and Two Half Hitch is used to secure the end of a rope to a fixed object.|
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