Two Theories of Literacy Development

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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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In this task I am going to identify 2 different theories of language development I am going to be doing, Naom Chomsky and Jean Piaget. Jean Piaget
According to Piaget, language development is related to cognitive development, that is, the development of the child’s thinking determines when the child can learn to speak and what the child can say.

For example, before a child can say, “This teddy is smaller than that one”, she/he must have developed the ability to judge differences in size.

In Piaget’s view, children learn to talk ‘naturally’ when they are ‘ready’ without any deliberate teaching by adults he thinks children pick up language by repeated behavior. From doing his research into children’s language and how they think, Piaget put his theory on the idea that children do not think like adults he thought that they learnt through schemas which is repeatable behaviour which you see in children as they play and then Piaget thought that through their play and interactions with their surroundings children build up their own understanding of the world. And Piaget thinks language development comes from logical thinking and reasoning skills. Schemas

Schemas are patterns of repeatable behaviour which you might see children do everyday through play and on placements I have seen children do things on placements. Schema:
Transporting I have seen most children when I’ve been at placement doing this e.g. when they carry blocks from one place to another either in a bag or trolley or when they take sane from the sand tray to the sensory area this is transporting. Rotation this is when children are fascinated by things spinning e.g. the washing machine or anything with wheels they like rolling things down a hill and children enjoy spinning around or being swung around. An example of how children could learn language though schemas could be, if a chid is rolling or pushing a toy car along the floor. And it goes under the sofa they will say something like ‘oh...
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