Twelfth Night

Topics: Love, Twelfth Night, Remainder Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: May 24, 2013
The play twelfth night, mainly a comedy, presents the challenges faced by the characters throughout the play. During the play many relations those were already going on were broken while the new ones started. The most interesting relation that developed was between Duke Orsino and Viola. The love between them never started as a normal love because Viola always met Duke in the disguise of a male named Cesario and Duke found Cesario a trustworthy person and uses him as an intermediary to confess his passionate love before Olivia. While conveying the messages of Duke to Olivia, Viola fell in love with Duke, in spite of knowing that there is no chance of Duke to fall for her. Interestingly the situations took a dramatic turn and Duke and Viola eventually got married. Viola after getting rescued by the captain of the ship when could not found her twin brother in a foreign land, she was left to fend for herself for, or so it seemed, the remainder of her days. Finding herself in the devastating situation where not only she had to deal with the loss of her brother, she also had to find a way to survive in Illyria. This was the first instance where could see the resilience in viola's nature as she prefer to devise the plan to disguise herself as a male to safeguard herself from the outer world and serve Duke Orsino rather than breakdown and cry for her dead brother. 

However, disguise turned out to be a bigger burden for Viola gradually. While working for duke Viola fell in love with him, on other hand had to woo the love of Orsino, the countess Olivia. Viola had an extremely difficult and complex situation in which instead of winning her love she had to help duke win the hand of Olivia. Duke on the other hand had no information of the Viola’s feelings and he always found Cesario his confidante and shared all his feelings with him.   Viola had to struggle hard with herself as she did not want to hurt Olivia or duke, yet she had to, but despite all her efforts she failed...
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