Twelfth Night

Topics: Love, William Shakespeare, Marriage Pages: 2 (554 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Twelfth Night Essay.
Life is not fair, the characters in Twelfth Night, a play wrote by William Shakespeare, generally speaking, do not get what they deserve. Some of the characters get too much. And it’s unfair to the others, and some get too little. Most of the iniquity happens with the second category. When characters get too little of what they deserve. This essay is going to explain how the characters were cheated out and what they actually deserved. At the end of the story, Olivia got too much of what she deserved. She got the man she wanted, although she wanted Cesario, Sebastian was like Cesario and resembled almost identical behaviour and emotion. “Nay, come, I prithee; would thou'ldst be ruled by me!” (4.1.61). Even though her heart truly loved Cesario, she instantly falls in love with Sebastian when she finds out he is Viola’s twin. And she demanded him to marry her and be happy. This shows her abuse of power and her unworthiness of her title and rank in society. Orsino also gets too much. He falls in love with Olivia, finds out Cesario is a women and marries her. That can show many people that he is not deserving of Viola or being at a high status like that. “Give me thy hand. And let me see thee in thy woman's weeds.” (5.1.276-277). This is means that Orsino is wanting to see Viola in her lady clothing and to see if she is “worthy” of him. Orsino should have been harsher on Viola, she deceived everyone around her. She should have at least been punished the slightest bit, but no, she ends up getting married to the duke. Most of the characters get too little. Like Malvolio, he doesn’t get Olivia, everyone thinks he is mad and he decides that he will never get married. "I'll be revenged on the whole pack of you.” (5.1.384). Malvolio is really upset about how they tricked him and made a fool out of him, he expresses his anger in an unusual way, comparing what he said to the genre. This is unfair towards him and he feels the need of revenge. He also...
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