Tv a Boon or Curse

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Youth in resolving corruption.
[pic][pic][pic][pic]         Corruption is rampant in our social and political life. Like cancer it is eating into the vitals of the society.Self-serving politicians and their agents and power brokers can stoop to any extent to feather their own nest. No body is free from the needle of suspicion. Corruption seems to rule the roost everywhere. In government offices it percolates from the top to bottom . “You pay the piper and call the tune” or “Money makes the mare go” are the unwritten tents of our administrative – cum – political set up It seems that the older generation has given the goby to all that was good in India. It is the youth and specially students who have to take cudgels against the demon of the corruption and crush it altogether. A beginning can be made in this direction by holding anti-corruption drives. The ill-effects of corruption in public life should be publicized through inter school declamation and essay writing contests. Students should take a pledge to resist the temptation of using unfair means in the examination .They can also go step further and persuade their friends, relatives and parents to curb this evil at all cost. The dedicated efforts of honest youth are bound to succeed in the long run in demolishing and vanquishing this social evil which has earned us a bad name.

Corruption is a black mark in our Indian economy. It is slowly stopping the growth of our country. The term corruption is in born in the society. The word is prevalent among the politicians and government offices. Corruption is defined as a way of saving wealth for the family and for their personal use. The people who indulge in corruption are also aware of the societal damage they create. But because of their greed they become money buglers.

The concept came into existence when people thought of their well- being and not about the people, below poverty line (BPL). 2G Scam in Tamil Nadu during the tenure of Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi has blown up like a balloon and has put former Tele communication Minister A. Raja . We can shortly say corruption is a way of accumulating wealth. Last year , in 2010 the Maharashtra Chief Minister, Ashok Chawan was held in Aadarsh Society scams for which he was chucked out from post of Chief Ministership. He accumulated wealth for his family members. Corruption has been a hindrance for the people in villages where lack of awareness plays a vital role. Grt leaders like C.N. Anna Durai, Kamaraj, former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu,Joti Basu, leader of Communist Party  thought of the well – being of the public and worked for the growth of the state / country. These great leaders had one motive – Serve the People, Die for the People. Kamaraj was the person who introduced the mid-day meal scheme in schools, so that all children are educated.

But in the present scenario the goodness of leaders has vanished and they have started to experience the money they earn. These days leaders aim at earning money rather than goodwill from the public

Corruption is prevalent in all fields starting from politicians to educational institutions. This prevails in small to big issues. For example ration shops where people of lower middle class come to get their provision at a nominal rates but ration shop seller sells his commodities at a high price in order to gain profit.

Youth of the society have greater responsibilities in combating corruption. Though we are aware of this phenomenon we are negligent towards this issue. We, the uprising young citizens of India should join hands as one and battle against corruption . The youth of the country must spread awareness in rural areas & make our citizens equipped with knowledge about this burning issue. Even now many citizens in India are ignorant about Right To Information.

Anna Hazare is an social activist who has requested the govt. of India to pass a Bill against corruption . He was in fast for 3 long days to combat...
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