Corruption in Pakistan

Corruption in Pakistan

Corruption is a social evil having capacity to shake the very basis of the society; it cannot only affect the working of the government but threaten the very fabric of society. Though no country in the world is save from this evil; even the developed countries has to cope with this predicament however this phenomenon has proved to be disastrous for the developing countries like Pakistan. In 2011 Pakistan is graded as 123rd most corrupt state out of 136. Corruption may be referred as a deliberate and intentional exploitation of one’s position, status or resources directly or indirectly for personal aggrandizement, whether it may be in term of material gain or enhancement of power, prestige or influence beyond what is legitimate or sanctioned.

Corruption is illegal, irregular or unlawful exercise of authority on the part of any public office bearer, politician, any NGO or Private person, in order to obtain some benefits either in monetary term or to gain some power. Generally corruption is construed in a sense of bribery, no doubt bribery comes within the ambit of corruption however confining corruption merely to the bribery narrows down its scope; range of corruption contains everything from bribery to power or professional malpractice. Favouritism, embezzlement of funds and misuse of powers are immediate outcome of corruption.

No doubt the founding fathers of Pakistan expressed their loath against corruption e.g. Quaid-e-Azam described corruption as a curse while he was addressing to Constituent Assembly; he said;

One of the biggest curse from which India is suffering is bribery and corruption that is a poison, we must put that down with an iron hand.

History proved him right in his approach as after 64 years of independence; corruption has eroded the economy of Pakistan, imbued social immorality and has dreadful implication on governance. Because of extensive corruption people are losing their faith in Government and are...
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