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For this project, I chose the television show House. In this particular episode, Dr. House and his team of doctors face the problem of diagnosing a man who came into the ER at the hospital after fainting. There are no clear symptoms that point to a single medical diagnosis. The second part of this episode deals with House and his best friend Wilson. Wilson is in a relationship with another doctor that House doesn’t particularly like and House is determined to get his fair share of time with his friend, away from his girlfriend.

I have obviously chosen Dr. House has my subject for this paper. House is a very brilliant and gifted doctor. He is also very obnoxious, overbearing, rude, egotistical, sarcastic, arrogant, and cantankerous. House will gather his team to brainstorm about what the symptoms that patient is showing to see if they can come up with a solution and House will override everything they say. He will ask for a vote on the way to proceed and then disregard the vote for whatever he wants.

Looking at Freud, it would appear that House’s id is still very strong and was not tempered very much by the Ego and Superego. House is still very demanding, irrational, illogical and impulsive in the way he lives his life. By studying Freud, it would also seem that in the stage of the Superego that House failed to fully develop the ego ideal and the conscience. The Behaviorist’s view would show that the way House is today is a result of environmental stimulus that was reinforced or strengthened in some way while he was growing up. It would suggest that his parents might have praised him when he acted out and was disrespectful instead of properly chastising or punishing him. The social cognitive view of personality suggests that House has a high self-efficacy. He is very sure of his talent as a doctor and therefore excels at his job. This view of personality also will show that House is very comfortable in his...
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