Turning Point of Nelson Mandela

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  • Published : November 1, 2010
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1:Select the most Important Turning points in Nelson Mandela’s Life.

I personally believe that there are only two main turning points in Nelson Mandela’s life; the first was being when was when he was eventually released from prison (Robben Island) in 1990.

Mandela was released 27 years after being imprisoned under the suppression of the communist act on 14th June 1964. When Frederik Willem de Klerk agreed to release Nelson Mandela he knew that he was releasing the African National Congress Leader, whose main aim was to abolish Apartheid and keep South Africa free from racial segregation and make it a united society.

With President F.W de Klerk aware of this he was releasing Nelson Mandela he would have known that Mandela was extremely passionate to achieve his aims, considering the lengthy time he was in prison for it(abolishing Apartheid), therefore F.W Klerk would have only released Mandela knowing that Apartheid would eventually going to come to a holt; which was soon to be the case.

F.W de Klerk was the leader of the National Party in Transvaal and then later ended up being the Head of the national party in 1989 after having a place in the governing party as the head of verligte, and then eventually became State President in September 1989 as he replaced then president P.W. Botha, so he was the head of the party who were the first to implement the entire idea of Apartheid(which passed specific laws to prevent coloured Individuals from having the same rights as White people) and State president. Apartheid was intended to maintain/extend political and economic control of South Africa via the White minority living in South Africa at this time. For instance there was a law called “The Separate Amenities Act” which was passed in 1953. This prevented White people and Black people from sharing the same grounds they could live on, so specific places had to be directed to a specific race, and the ground belonging to the Black...
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