Nelson Mandela

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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela started his life at the date 18 July 1918, as a little boy that grew up in a little village named Mvezo, located in South Africa. This little boy was a smart boy that was living with his twelve siblings, his family and he was a part of the “higher” rank in the rank system in South Africa. Nelson Mandela was actually born and named “Rolihlahla” Mandela, which simply means troublemaker, but at the first day at school his name got replaced to a more English name, because the teachers didn’t want anyone to have names that where hard to pronounce. After this occasion he started calling himself “Nelson” instead of “Rolihlahla”. In 1940, Nelson and a good friend of him got expelled from the University of Fort Hare, for political activism. Some years later Mandela studied to become a lawyer, but he actually failed the exam required for his law degree, so instead he settled to become an attorney. He also opened his own law office and the in same year he became the president for Transvaal ANC (African National Council), but sadly he got fired and he was prohibited from holding office and from attending any meetings in the area around Johannesburg. When he got fired, he started to fight for the freedom and fight for the antiapartheid-movement (a movement against the apartheid). On 5. December 1956 he and 156 other freedom fighters got arrested by the Apartheid government, he got released in March 1961. In 1962 he got smuggled out of South Africa to talk to a bunch of African freedom fighters that were willing to help him to get rid of the Apartheid regime. On his return to the South Africa, he got arrested and sentenced to five years in prison for leaving the country illegally. After 27/28 years he was finally released from the prison in year 1990, when the apartheid regime started to collapse. Four years after he got released from prison, Nelson Mandela was elected as the first black president in South Africa sat and in the presidential...
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