Turning Point in My Life

Topics: High school, College, Higher education Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: October 23, 2012
Seayam, Sidy
Instructor: Ludmila Hart
ENG 101 – 10
Turning Point in My Life
After I finished high school I knew that I had to look forward to my education, and check where I should finish it and think of the future, where I wanted to work and with a good job and if I was going to stay in my country or no. That was the beginning of my life change. June 5th was my last day of high school. I was like everybody happy that school had ended as every year talking with my friends about the exams and how every one did in it and what they expecting about their scores. After that I started to hang out every day with my friends because I didn’t know what I was going to do about college and did not know which major I will choose. I was confused, So I decided to wait for my results then take a decision, days been passing and decided to take Pharmacy or Dentist Major because I love chemistry and biology, but my parents wanted me to retake the high school because I didn’t get a scholarship, and I refused because I knew that’s my best and I’m satisfied with my score. August before my birthday with few days I though about studying overseas and the first countries were Russia and Malaysia, but some of my friends didn’t support me to go to Russia because their friends or siblings were there and couldn’t find jobs with the Russian degree in other countries the opportunities were low in there, So I started to prepare my papers and making researches about Malaysia and it’s universities and found one and sent all my information to that university and they did accept me, one of days my uncle called my from USA to congratulate me graduating from High school and Suggested me to finish my education in the US, I was excited and confused at the same time, and asked my parents about that, they said that I am an adult now and should know my future and they will support me, After that I changed all my plans to US which known the land of opportunities.

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